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Low production costs

Labor costs and rents in China are lower than those of foreign  developed countries, so even the transpotation costs are included ,it still offers a lot of benefits. However, it is very difficult to find a reliable printing company in local place of China.

Faster correspondence, Better service

All the supporting facilities of the project are in readines including the pre printing, printing, after printing. So we can cope with the emergency when the customers have urgent needs. Meanwhile,for a quickly correspond to the customer's urgent orders,30% of the daily production plan are adjustable at any time. In addition,we have learned a good sense of service, established a professional team and improved the level of service of our enterprise througt long-term cooperation with some greatJapanese companies.

Stable quality

Since the establishment of the company,it has been mainly trading with Japanese enterprises, so we are very familiar with Japanese habits and quality requirements, and we are always recognized by customers. The quality of printing not only depends on the equipments, but also requires the rich experience of opertors and professional technology. We have the managers who are proficient in foreign languages,so we can contact with the customers without translator when we develop new products. which gets rid of the simple difference in translation process.

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Screen Printing
Our company has automatic and semi-automatic screen printing machine,prodyct in the dust-free workshop of 1200m², 10 thousand level.If you are in need of sign, operation panel (film switch) and other products, please contact us.
Label printing
Our company has round of machine,trademark machine and stamping die cutting machine, please contact us if you are in need of top printing sticker, Bar code stickers, serial number stickers, blank stickers and other products.
Offset Printing
T The company has 3 Heidelberg brand offset press,2 color machine, 4 color machine, 5 color machine.please contact us if you are in need of packing box, gift box, color cards, company profiles, leaflets, brochures and other products.
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